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Rocky Mountain Cartridge LLC

Is dedicated to making quality brass cartridges for black  powder & antique guns. We adhere to exact manufacturing  specifications in making our products and are confident you will agree. We are a small company made up of three family  members - father, mother & son - all multi-generational natives of Wyoming and we are proud of that Wyoming heritage of  honesty and commitment to excellence.    
Rocky Mountain Cartridge LLC
Obsolete Brass for Antique Firearms
Buffalo  in Hot Springs State Park
Outlandish Designs by Cheri Outland 2012
Outlandish Designs by Cheri Outland 2014
RMC DISCLAIMER Our cases are for use only in firearms that are in good condition and proper caliber. Since loading practices are beyond our control, we disclaim all liability for any damages which may result from the use of these cases. We warranty the exercise of reasonable care in the manufacture of these cases, but make no other warranty expressed or implied. We produce a wide range of calibers in several categories of cases:  	Schuetzen Calibers 	Black Powder Silhouette 	Long Range 	Old Military Calibers 	Cowboy Action 	Large Bore Double Rifles 	Shotgun 	Custom & Specialty Home